Feb 16, 2016

Behind The Lens: Rosie Matheson

Twenty year old Rosie Matheson is a London based photographer capturing the freedom of youth one portrait at a time. We caught up with her to discuss her preference for analog, the power of the internet and her favourite faces. For the next seven days Rosie will be taking over our Instagram @veryrarestudio to share her favourite images with you. Follow us to get inspired.

Where did your photography journey start?
Photography has always surrounded me from a young age and I’ve always liked taking photos. I think I knew I wanted to make photography full time when I was at sixth form college and it was the only subject I was actually enjoying and spending time on out of school.

rosie matheson behind the lens

I’ve read that you prefer to shoot on film, any particular reason?
Lots of reasons! The main ones being; it’s more honest, it captures colour and light accurately and every shot counts and has to mean something due to the limited amount of exposures. Shooting on film gives a more intimate and personal perspective, it’s raw and you don’t need to edit them which really appeals to me.

What do you think of the fact that analog photography is getting more popular?
I think it’s really cool. Analog is the root of photography and it’s nice to see people embracing it, I think it helps to give a better understanding and teaches you to really consider what you’re shooting.

rosie matheson behind the lens

Shooting on film gives a more intimate and personal perspective, it’s raw and you don’t need to edit them.

rosie matheson behind the lens

Is there a message you’d like to spread with your photography?
I’m just documenting my perspective. I like that my photography gives me a voice and also the subject a voice. I want to tell peoples stories and show people new things and perspectives. A message of honesty I guess.

What would your dream shoot look like?
I’m currently planning a personal project on a Pacific Island that right now is my dream shoot. I don’t want to say too much about it but I’m very excited to get going on it in the next couple of months!

rosie matheson behind the lens

You shoot a lot of young people. What attracts you to the youth?
I love youth culture – just that feeling of rebellion, bold expression and strong opinion. Youth to me is rough, edgy and full of attitude with a care-free spirit. The freedom of youth appeals to me.

Do you think photography is a form of art?
100% – Particularly with film photography. From envisioning a project to planning it, measuring light, working with locations, using camera settings, composition, developing the film, printing, framing. It’s a whole process and a lot of work and thought goes into it.

rosie matheson behind the lens

Youth to me is rough, edgy and full of attitude with a care-free spirit.

rosie matheson behind the lens

Has the internet opened doors for you? How?
Definitely. Everything and everyone is a lot more accessible. You have a platform to show what you’re doing and anyone can see it, you can push what you’re doing out to the whole world which can result in getting some really cool opportunities and connecting with people you otherwise would have struggled to come into contact with. I’ve met a load of great people through the internet who I doubt I would have shot with out. I’ve also had my work recognised by some of my favourite magazines which is sick. The internet is amazing for stuff like that.

We love the ‘Faces’ series on your website, what was the idea behind this project?
It began at the end of 2013 when I had just bought my medium format film camera and really wanted to start shooting with it. I contacted my friend and model ‘Jimmy Q’ and went over to his place to shoot my first set of proper portraits. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I shot a couple of rolls of film and in the end the outcome inspired me to continue with the project and shooting on film. So far it’s consisted of male London faces, each one is doing their own thing, has something to represent and also holds a fresh individual look.

rosie matheson behind the lens

Do you have a favourite face?
At the moment I love photographing Elliott Jay Brown!

Do you have other creative passions next to photography?
I occasionally make videos too – I just shot one for singer Etta Bond’s song ‘4U’ – go and check it out!

rosie matheson behind the lens

How would you describe your photography in just one word?

Is there anyone who inspired you to create what you’re creating right now?
Zed Nelson.

Written by: Fares Masharawi, Amie Galbraith.

To see more of Rosie’s work visit her website rosiematheson.com and follow our Instagram account below to see her takeover.